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Mill Creek Park Rules

Stay on designated trails-walk softly, take only memories and leave only footprints. AND, be sure to pack out what you pack in.

ACCESS: Drive approximately 10 miles south from Rio Road in Carmel on Highway 1 toward Big Sur. Look for Palo Colorado Canyon Road (about ¼ mile past Rocky Point Restaurant). Turn left on Palo Colorado Canyon Road. The entrance to Mill Creek Preserve is located approximately 6.8 miles east of Highway 1, on your right hand side. Drive very slowly and carefully. Parking is available on the shoulder of the road adjacent to the trail entrance.

HOURS: Access is limited to daylight hours from dawn to dusk. No overnight use or camping is permitted.

USE: Park use is limited to hiking.

PETS: Domestic animals are not allowed in the park.

FIRE/SMOKING: Fires, incendiary devices, fireworks, cooking stoves, any source of open flame, and smoking are strictly prohibited.

RESOURCES: It is unlawful to injure, damage, collect, harass, remove, or disturb any cultural, historical, biological, or physical object. Metal detectors and other collecting tools are prohibited.

HUNTING/FISHING/WEAPONS: Hunting, fishing and weapons of any type are not allowed.

FOOD: Food and beverages are allowed. However, there are no waste receptacles on the trails. Please pack out all you pack in.

TRESPASS: For the benefit of all, obey and respect all private property, boundary, administrative notices, and closure signs.  Trespassing on private property is subject to citation/prosecution and loss of future access privileges.

CLOSURE: Access may be temporarily closed due to wildlife, fire, public safety, resource protection, or other environmental concerns.

Failure to abide by park rules and appropriate etiquette may result in loss of access privileges.